Dealing with pests in a rental property can be stressful and frustrating. Tenants and property managers sign lease agreements that state what happens in a situation when there is a pest problem. Landlords normally act quickly when it comes to pest issues as pests can quickly spiral out of control and lead to property damage and serious health risks. Certain pests do pose health risks while others are simply a nuisance. As a property owner, it is important to understand who pays for pest control at a rental property.

Common pest issues in MO
In Missouri, we have a number of pests that can cause annoyances for tenants. Some of the common pests we frequently see include:
– Field crickets
– House centipede
– Clover mite
– Boxelder bug
– Black ground beetles
– Daddy longleg
– Bed bugs

Tenant Vs Landlord Responsibility
When it comes to understanding who pays for pest control services, it is important to know the legal requirements about rental properties. In most situations, landlords are required to pay for pest control services as they legally agree to provide landlords with a sanitary, clean, safe environment to live. Most states across the United States adhere to the following:
Tenants are responsible for keeping the interior of the property clean
Landlords are responsible for maintaining the property and making sure it is safe and fir for tenants

Pest Control by Tenants
If a tenant has traveled and they bring back a suitcase, which is loaded with bed bugs, what happens? If the bed bugs get into the rental unit, it won’t be long before they spread. If evidence is proven that the tenant is the reason the bed bugs are around, they are required to pay for the exterminator costs. However, most landlords still pay for exterminator costs as they do not want the bed bugs to spread to other units.

Property Control by Landlords
Prevention is critical when it comes to pest issues. Proper storage and disposal of foods is mandatory to help prevent pests. Landlords have a responsibility to provide tenants with plenty of opitions to dispose of garbage. It is important to have identifiable garbage bins, and to clearly communicate with tenants where and how to dispose of garbage.

Protecting Yourself With a Lease
Landlords can help themselves by writing a legal lease. The lease agreement needs to provide information about pest control and habitual agreements. Landlords can make sure they adhere to the lease that discusses how they plan on maintaining the property, and what efforts are being done to prevent pests.

Landlords are in the position to make sure that pest control services are administered properly, and the right pesticides are used to prevent the specific pests problems we face in Missouri. By providing such services, it communicates to the tenants that their landlord does care about offering a clean, safe, habitual environment for them to live.

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