Prospective tenants will flock to a rental property that offers extra value for money. More importantly, tenants who are happy and satisfied with their property will take better care of it and will be more inclined to stay longer there.

Our Keyrenter St. Charles property managers have established certain property qualities that tenants particularly appreciate when renting a place. Property owners willing to make the extra investment will find that it pays off. They will have considerate and reliable tenants who will be more careful and attentive toward the property.

Everything is working properly

Tenants appreciate it when all equipment works properly.

This includes doors and windows, garage doors, and kitchen appliances. Also, leaky taps and dripping toilets will discourage prospective tenants from renting your property.

It is essential to hire an electrician, plumber, and any other specialist to fix these small but important details. A property that is working flawlessly will give peace of mind to tenants.

A parking space: everybody loves it

Having a space to park your car outside your house is a luxury that many people envy.

If your property has a parking space, you should definitely advertise it. If you have space on your property to include a parking space, doing so could greatly increase your chances of finding tenants who are willing to pay a little more for the extra convenience.

Clean property

A spotless property is always attractive to the eye.

People instantly understand the potential of a place if it is clean and bright. Hiring a cleaning company to do a thorough cleaning of your property, including doors, windows, shutters, walls, and even ceilings will boost your chances of attracting the right sort of tenants.

Fresh paint: always a plus

Painting the walls with a neutral color will give a clean look to your place.

There is no need to invest in color matching or to use bright colors. Most people welcome clean and freshly painted walls. It gives them the feeling they are the first tenants in a new house and makes even an older property look nice and fresh.

Nobody likes doing the dishes: add a dishwasher

Very few people enjoy doing the dishes. Adding a dishwasher to your property will certainly be welcome.

If you have enough space and the necessary infrastructure, it would be good to invest in a dishwasher. Families with children will enjoy cooking dinner without arguing about who does the dishes. If your rental property is geared toward families, a dishwasher enhances its prospects.

Adding kitchen appliances to your property, in general, will greatly increase its value.

For example, consider adding a gas stovetop: cooking-enthusiasts and families with children will love it.

No carpets on the floor

Although carpets make a place look cozy and warm, they are difficult to clean thoroughly. Tenants prefer vinyl plank floors or wooden or tiled floors.

No matter how attractive carpets are to the eye, they are notorious for being hard to clean. Carpets retain stains that are near-impossible to remove. Also, carpets capture allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and other harmful spores.

That’s why several people are foregoing the warmth of carpets for the convenience of naked surfaces. Consider getting rid of any old, stained carpets or refrain from installing new ones.

Central heating is essential

Central heating is essential for almost all properties.

Having the ease and efficiency of central heating offers great value to a property. Whatever the fuel, a central heating system provides warmth throughout the day and keeps moisture and mold at bay.

Storage: there is never enough

  No matter how much storage a property has, it’s never enough.

If your property has walls without any fixtures, consider adding closets, cupboards, food pantries, and walk-in closets. Even simple storage like drawer chests and shelves provide extra storage space to the property. Tenants welcome having storage options and will appreciate not feeling crammed in their living room or bedroom.

Install a fence around your property

People very much care about their safety. Installing a fence will make them feel safe.

People with pets or children will welcome a fenced property where they can feel that their children or four-legged friends can roam freely and safely. A fenced property gives a feeling of security to people and adds to the value of your property.

A welcoming pet policy

Some property owners choose to refuse pets on their property. Others welcome them.

Many Americans have pets. Some property owners have heard horror stories about pet damages in their rental property. However, many tenants appreciate a welcoming pet policy.

Responsible pet owners will be happy to pay a slightly higher rent or to give a bigger deposit in case there is some damage from their pet.

Natural light makes a property look good

Everybody loves natural light. Promote natural light on your property.

Make sure your property displays its best features, such as big windows letting in natural light. Verify that your windows have unobstructed views and that nothing is stopping natural light coming in (for instance, a shed in the garden or anything else shadowing the windows).

If you can afford it, invest in fly screens to stop flies, mosquitoes, and other unwelcome bugs in your property. Tenants will love having the windows open while keeping the house clean of bugs.

Outdoors spaces for those sunny days

Who doesn’t love a garden or a balcony to take their morning coffee?

Outdoor spaces are greatly appreciated. They give an extra dimension to a property and offer great opportunities for playing, dining, and entertaining. Some properties have balconies or terraces; others have small yards or gardens.

If your property has outdoor spaces, make them appealing. Clean their floors and railings and give them a lick of paint if necessary.

Large families will certainly love the opportunity for their children to spend time in the outdoors. The existence of a garden increases the value of your property and allows you to ask for a higher rent.

If you have enough space, consider establishing a low-maintenance, carefully crafted garden. Most people appreciate the outdoors but few have the time to take care of a demanding garden.

Each rental property is unique. We know how to make yours reach its true potential and can advise you on which features will make it more attractive to prospective tenants. Contact Keyrenter St. Charles Property Management online now, and take advantage of our vast experience in managing rental properties!