When moving out of an apartment, it is so essential that you leave this prior residence clean and in remarkable condition. That is not only the right thing to do, but it will go a long way to ensuring that your landlord is happy and that you can get back your security deposit. If left dirty and unkempt, the landlord will use money from this initial deposit to clean and restore the property before new tenants move in.

Once the apartment is empty, you often find dirty areas you did not notice when your furniture and belongings were there. Such places will now need a thorough cleaning. Taking some time to give the apartment a deep cleaning will go a long way to preventing any problems during the property handover.

Cleaning an Apartment for a Move-Out Can Begin as Soon as You Know a Move is Imminent

If you are exiting the apartment, cleaning can begin when you give the landlord your notice, if not sooner. Moving can be a stressful time. So it is a good idea to initiate the process of thoroughly cleaning the apartment when you think that a move is soon.

Begin to do regular upkeep as soon as you tell your landlord that you will be moving, or even before. That should consist of a deeper cleaning above and beyond what you would do regularly, including grout cleaning exhaust fans that have accumulated dirt and dust, as well as any maintenance projects that may have gone unattended.

Doing a deeper cleaning when a move becomes imminent can get these chores off your list before the actual stress of moving. It also ensures that your landlord is pleased with the condition of the apartment.

That is also a tremendous opportunity for more seasonal cleaning, including the windows, both inside and out, blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. These are all surprisingly time-consuming tasks, and it will be a relief to get them out of the way before all of the chores that come along with moving are upon you.

If the rugs have stains or look dingy, now is a decent time to have a professional cleaning. Carpet cleaning can go a long way to removing any stains and leave the carpets looking new. It also portrays a positive outlook when the landlord tours the property on move-out day.

Purge Your Belongings

Early on, you can begin the task of cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and shelves. For many, items have been accumulating there for quite some time. A move is an opportunity to toss articles that have just been collecting dust. That will mean that you have fewer unnecessary items and clutter to pack up and move when the time comes. Clothes that no longer fit, old toiletries, and expired food are the most common items to purge during this stage.

Last-Minute Cleaning Before Move-Out Day

When packing, be sure to set aside a box of cleaning supplies and a vacuum to do a once-over final cleaning of the empty apartment. When the movers have come and gone, you can get an idea of the finishing touches that you need to do so that you can turn over a clean apartment to the landlord. Take the time to remove nails and screws from the walls, filling the holes with drywall putty, and painting if you have the color on hand. Go through each room with a microfiber cloth, dusting the baseboard and window sills in areas that you may have missed because of furniture and other belongings.

Be sure to vacuum each room now that the furniture is not present. Doing this will remove any dust that has accumulated underneath large items like beds and dressers. In rooms with tile or wood, you can sweep or mop to rid any dirt and dust. Clean the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly one final time. Clean all appliances inside and out. If the apartment has a garage, be sure this area is empty, clear all cobwebs, and sweep up any dirt on the floor.

Finally, do a visual check of the empty apartment. Try to do this with a scrutinizing eye, looking for simple things like thumbprints on a mirror or dusty areas that may have been missed.

Taking the time to clean the vacant apartment before turning over the key will ensure that the landlord is happy. Also, you will not incur any additional cleaning or repair expenses.

Hopefully, the new property you are moving into will have previous owners that will do the same for you, leaving you and your family with an impeccably clean residence.