It can be difficult to find fun family activities to enjoy with your kids. There is a plethora of fun, family-friendly activities in the St. Louis area. Understanding the activities in the area can help you to recommend nearby activities to your potential and existing tenants, which can go a long way toward improving their trust in you. Keeping tenants happy is important to improve your overall tenant retention and maximize your profits. Here are a few of the best family-oriented things to do in St. Louis.

St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo hosts more than 500 species of animals and is the perfect way to spend your day. Even better, this zoo features free admission. There are paid memberships available that provide extra benefits to visitors, with things like discounts at stores in the zoo or “member-only” days.

St. Louis Science Center

The Science Center features 3 floors full with hands-on exhibits featuring everything from dinosaurs to weather. It is another location that is free to enter and is one of the leading science centers in the country.

City Museum

The City Museum provides an exceptionally unique environment to visit. They are always building, so you can visit repeatedly without running out of things to see.

Magic House

The Magic House focuses on education. It began as a not-for-profit location with many hands-on learning experiences that are designed to enhance the level of joy that your children associate with learning.

The National Museum of Transportation

The National Museum of Transportation contains one of the largest collections of transportation vehicles in the world. Though it centers primarily around trains, the collection also includes an array of cars, airplanes, and even a boat. There is even a mini train ride that will appeal to children.

There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do in St. Louis. These are just a few of the best options. To learn more about how knowledge of these activities can benefit your rental property business, contact us at the Keyrenter in St. Charles today.