Are you thinking of buying an investment property in St. Louis, MO? Investing in real estate presents immeasurable opportunities. It provides you with an additional asset that generates a periodic, passive income source. Real estate investments are a tool to build on your wealth over a long duration.

St. Louis possesses a lot of the qualities an investor looks for. First off, it has a strong renter’s market. Hence, demand for housing will always be high. The population is growing as more young professionals are moving to St. Louis. This city is also known for having an affordable cost of living and offering a great quality of life.

As a new investor, it’s sensible to research beforehand to ensure that you’re picking the right investment. The potential for a rental home’s value to increase is high and it can have a positive impact on your financial standing. However, there are no shortcuts and you still need to put in considerable time to conduct a thorough market analysis to safeguard your planned investment.

In this article, we here at Key Renter Property Management will give you the foundation when purchasing an investment real estate in St. Louis. Take these tips into consideration to make the most out of your real estate investment.

What Is the St. Louis Real Estate Market Like?

In St. Louis, the real estate market seeing a lot of growth. The home prices are surging up. There is a strong demand for single-family homes as this property type is currently quite hot on the market. If you want to start earning some passive income, you should act fast.

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The need for rental homes at different price points is also strong. In a city like St. Louis where the population continually rises and the job market registers positive growth, the demand for rentals will keep also keep rising.

Property investors who have the foresight to take advantage of this opportunity have the best chance of accelerating their financial income and advancing the growth of their investment portfolio.

Top Tips for Real Estate Investments in St. Louis

Look for Properties that Fit within Your Price Range

The first thing you have to consider is your budget and the type of property you’re targeting for your investment. A lot of properties are suitable as rentals in St. Louis. You can easily select among studio units, apartment spaces, single-family homes to multi-family housing.

Even if it seems obvious, it’s advisable to restrict your property hunting to what you can afford. And the best way to achieve this is by narrowing your price range. It will save you time and effort by only checking out real estate options that are within your reach, financially speaking.

It’s also vital to avoid limiting your computation to the property price alone. There are many fees attached to purchasing a property that people forget to factor into their budgets.

Learn to incorporate the associated taxes, closing and renovation costs, and HOA charges when calculating your real estate investment. Added together, these can reduce your pricing range but it will mean fewer surprises down the line.

budgeting for your investment property

Review the Advantages of Property Management Services

If you’re just starting out in the real estate investment game, you might not be fully acquainted with the heavy responsibilities that a landlord must perform. Managing more units can be overwhelming considering the toll that daily operation can take.

Some of your responsibilities as a landlord include marketing your vacant units, screening tenants, preparing lease agreements, tracking down rent every month, responding to maintenance requests, and keeping your property’s finances in order.

It’s also necessary to keep your St. Louis, Missouri rental home in a habitable state at all times. This means seeing to the everyday maintenance and repair requests of your tenants. You’re also required to tend to emergency property issues and to respond to your neighbor’s grievances.

Managing your St. Louis rental home is no small task. You must be available frequently to offer good solutions. If you feel like you don’t have the time of the qualification to do so then hiring a trusted property management company is the best option.

Look for a company that can handle all your property needs and protects your interests without sacrificing quality customer service.

Select High-Rent Neighborhoods

As an investor, you want to increase your passive income to enhance your wealth. The best way to reach this objective is to sharpen your focus on real estate lots that can provide the highest rental income while taking into account its purchase cost.

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You should always be on the lookout for prime developments in St. Louis, Missouri related to infrastructure and the building of real estate communities. This can signify imminent growth. You also want to select areas that fit with your target demographics’ needs and offer amenities that cater to them.

For instance, if you’re wanting to rent to young families, you should pick properties with plenty of storage, located in secure neighborhoods, and that are near good schools. Young professionals on the other hand might want spaces closer to work and fun attractions. Therefore, you might look for properties that are near entertainment hubs and restaurants.

Once you’ve found several areas of interest, analyze the market behavior in those neighborhoods. Check the rental prices among properties similar to the ones you’re looking to invest in. Based on those figures, you should be able to grasp the future direction of the market.

Crunch the Numbers

Investing in real estate requires you to do a lot of calculations. You can’t simply sign the contract without doing any computations. It’s best to run different numbers to gauge your potential return on investment in St. Louis.

Choose conservative base figures when playing with numbers. If you start with high numbers then it can be discouraging if you encounter a reduced monthly income compared to your rosy projected one. By using modest estimates, you’re likely to enjoy higher earnings and a higher rate of property appreciation.

In a Nutshell: Real Estate Investing Tips in St. Louis

Before investing in a property in St. Louis, assess your budget. Then scout for top-rent neighborhoods, focus on the right location for your target demographic, run the figures and hire the best property management company that can handle the upkeep of your rental.

If you would like help with any aspect of property management contact the experts at Keyrenter St. Charles Property Management today! Our team of experts will happily assist you in achieving your investment goals.