Every time the new year rolls around, everyone wants to get updated on the design trends so they can be “in the trend.” We, like everyone else, wanted to know as well for the sake of renovating rental properties. When people are deciding either where to rent or where to live, one factor that is prevalent in their decision is how neatly updated the property is. So it’s important to renovate with the trend whether you will be renovating this year or in the future. So before you go out and make plans to renovate, take a look at some of the upcoming trends to help you better make your decisions.

The Basics

Renovating trends for 2020 won’t actually be the biggest year to date. However, there are a few big changes that might persuade people to change one way or the other. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of black. Black will most likely be bigger than ever this year and will be brought into accent walls, sofas, cabinetry, floors, and others. Black kitchen cabinets along with grey, two-toned, dark blue, and natural wood cabinetry will be the most drawn to colors for this year. Many homes, as of right now, have white cabinetry. White cabinetry isn’t going anywhere, however, many people might begin to switch. But the use of two-toned cabinetry with black and white colors will be quite common. Double Islands will start to become very popular along with some pretty deep kitchen drawers. Boldy patterned backsplashes and floral wallpapers and accents will also become pretty popular. As far as metal finishes on drawers and handles, a mixed array of metal finishes including gold, copper, silver, and tin will be seen.

The Bare Minimum

Before listing or selling your home, there’s a few major and minor updates you should take part in. New cabinetry always makes the home look like something new. Some of the new colors coming in for cabinetry listed above can sometimes be a little much for some people. So try to go with more neutral colors such as white, grey, or two-toned cabinets and you will be able to please lots of people while staying within the new design trends for this year. If you are already going to be redoing your cabinetry, you should also look into new countertops. In the past, granite countertops were super popular but now people are wanting more sleek and seamless countertops in light neutral colors that mimic marble. Flooring is also one that can transform an entire home. If you don’t have the money to fully redo the flooring of the home, sanding and staining the floor a natural wood color is an easy fix that can refresh and modernize the home. Adding new light fixtures and hardware can also make a difference. Adding a striking light fixture above a kitchen island or table can also transform the space. Additionally, adding simple, new hardware, which I mentioned above, can also make a huge difference. Renovating properties can be a huge moneymaker as you can attract higher paid clients and draw better people to want to rent or purchase your property. For more information on new and useful renovation trends and tips, contact Keyrenter St. Charles today!